Our essence: Innovation and tradition

Discover Our Journey

To fully appreciate who we are today, it is essential to look back at the starting point of our adventure:

Cambados, 1957. In this picturesque corner, Manuel Trigo Daporta embarks on the adventure of creating artisanal work clothing for sectors such as the maritime and industrial sectors. Relying on traditional techniques, it brings garments to life through waterproofing with linseed oil, an art that demands patience, dedication and mastery through its complex three-stage process.

The saga continues and in 1962, Confecciones Trivi emerged, evolving and adapting to the demands of business and industrial growth. The introduction of mechanization, automation and innovative materials such as polyamides, PVC-coated polyester and polyurethane mark the beginning of a new era, enriching our offer with a diversity of cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Commitment to Quality

At Trivi, excellence is the pillar on which we build each garment. We meticulously select materials from trusted suppliers and apply rigorous quality controls. In today's competitive and globalized market, we stand out for complying with ISO regulations and standards, guaranteeing uncompromising quality.

Technological innovation

Trivi has become a benchmark for innovation in the field of protective clothing manufacturing. We use cutting-edge technologies in cutting, heat sealing, welding and laser use, and we are proud of our collaboration in R&D&i projects with entities such as the USC, in revolutionary projects such as HITUM and S2S, which mark the future of the sector.

Galician Pride

Over more than six decades, we have built a team of highly qualified professionals passionate about their craft, which allows us to proudly claim our "Made in Galicia" identity. This seal not only reflects our location, but also our dedication to quality and innovation.

Beyond the Uniform

Today, work clothing transcends its original function to become a key element of corporate identity, reflecting values ​​such as seriousness, trust, originality and proximity. We offer personalized solutions that integrate the image of your company, reinforcing its presence and message in the market.

With a rich history of over 60 years and backed by the latest technology, we are ready to serve your needs, big or small. At Trivi, your vision is our mission. We invite all companies to share their challenges with us and we ensure a personalized solution that will exceed your expectations.