Excellent comfort no matter the weather: waterproof, breathable, windproof

Lovers of the great outdoors have high demands for their clothing and footwear. They must keep their bodies dry while perfectly controlling their body temperature in all types of weather and regardless of activity level. There is nothing more unpleasant than wet and cold clothes. As a leading supplier of sustainable functional textiles, Sympatex has therefore developed a special membrane that is 100 percent waterproof, 100 percent windproof and optimally breathable – like a second skin. The membrane absorbs water vapor and expels it through the clothing to the outside. And best of all: Sympatex membranes "breathe" dynamically, meaning that the greater the physical activity, the more efficiently they function. Thus, functional textiles with a Sympatex membrane offer effective protection against low temperatures and rain. This keeps the body warm and dry even in extreme situations.

Sympatex laminate

Sympatex membrane (5 – 25 µm) is bonded to a wide range of possible base materials such as fabrics, knits, fleece, foam or leather to form a laminate for a specific application. The application of tapes adapted to the specific use of laminates is what turns the final product (for example, a jacket or shoe) into high-performance functional textiles. High quality uniformity is ensured by the interaction between the laminate, tape and technical processing guidelines. This is the only combination that distinguishes a Sympatex licensed product from the rest. Thus, Sympatex is a global supplier of high-tech functional materials for international brand partners in clothing (Apparel), footwear, protective workwear (Contract & Workwear) and technical applications. All Sympatex materials meet Sympatex's high quality standards and are tested according to international standards. Sympatex uses testing to ensure that all of its functional materials meet or exceed these standards. More about all testing methods via the following link.

Sympatex membrane

Our continuous development in products and technologies allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of laminates to suit their specific needs. Our focus is on protection, comfort, performance and perfect functionality with special consideration towards ecological responsibility. In addition to its performance, Sympatex relies in particular on recycled and recyclable materials as well as climate neutrality.


  • 100% waterproof 100% windproof
  • Optimally breathable
  • Durable
  • Dynamic climate control
  • Very thin and highly elastic porous membrane
  • Extremely resistant


  • 100% climate neutral membrane
  • 100% recyclable membrane
  • 100% recyclable and recycled laminates
  • OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, bluesign® approved
  • Membranes and laminates without PTFE or PFC
  • Treatments without fluorocarbons
  • Laminates with a completely balanced carbon footprint