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R50 Apron - Plastic Strap

R50 Apron - Plastic Strap

White apron certified for food contact.

SKU R505012000

One Size

Acrylonitrile apron (rubberized polyester) front, PVC tape closure, PVC ring on the back certified for food contact

  • It only covers the front of the user.
  • Strap harness with drawstring for a more comfortable adaptation to the user's body.
  • PVC grommets heat-sealed by high frequency.
  • Polypropylene cord.
  • Reference R50 (white) certified for food contact.
  • PVC plastic strap harness in reference R50.
  • Measures: Height: 120 cm. - Width: 75 cm.
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R50. 100% PE Polyester - Acrylonitrile rubberized
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