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Mandileta R50 A. Plastic Strap

Mandileta R50 A. Plastic Strap

Acrylonitrile grip with front and rear coverage.

SKU R505192000

One Size

Acrylonitrile handle (rubberized polyester) front and back, PVC tape closure, PVC ring on the back certified for food contact

  • Covers the front and back of the user.
  • Strap harness with drawstring for a more comfortable adaptation to the user's body.
  • PVC grommets heat-sealed by high frequency.
  • Polypropylene cord.
  • Reference R50 (white) certified for food contact.
  • PVC plastic strap harness in reference R50.
  • Measures: Height: 120 cm - Width: 120 cm.
Product details
R50. 100% PE Polyester - Acrylonitrile rubberized.
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